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Raising capital from non-traditional investors

Episode Summary

Okta's COO Frederic Kerrest and Front's Mathilde Collin speak on raising capital from non-traditional investors like operators. Throughout the episode, both Kerrest and Collin give actionable advice on fundraising, constructing pitch decks, and why a company should plan its next funding round based on confidence.

Episode Notes

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This TechCrunch Live event was a little different. Frederic Kerrest (Okta) and Mathilde Collin (Front) are both co-founders of their respective companies, but Kerrest is also an investor, and participated in Front's Series C alongside other industry leaders like Michael Cannon-Brooks from Atlassian, Eric Yuan from Zoom, and Jared Smith from Qualitics.

Hear the story of how Mathilde convinced Kerrest to invest in Front, and what she feels are the advantages of having operators as investors. 

Mathilde brought along Front's Series C pitch deck, and explained the background and thought-process of several slides. But this isn't the first time she shared the deck. Following Front's Series A, B, and C, she published the pitch decks on Medium.

Front's Series A Pitch Deck

Front's Series B Pitch Deck

Front's Series C Pitch Deck